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About Kuura

We can make it! Together!

Kuura is all about collaboration. We are making it our mission to bring different people with different background and skills to work together for a common goal. The work is done with local schools and other companies. The result will be to have new game industry professionals. 

The games are our life and we will devote our time to keep making them. That's still not all we do. We have a cool conference place with pool and sauna. Our Kuura Sauna throws legendary after-parties monthly for official IGDA Kotka meetup.

We are also a part of e-Sport scenery in Kymenlaakso. Organizing tournaments and need a place? Or organizer? Or both? Contact us and we'll do it!

We offer more than games...

Game consulting

Get your idea from your head to an actual concept 

Do you have an amazing idea for a game, but don't know where to go from there?

Don't you worry! We create a concept for ya! (Game Design Document, Concept Art)

Have you already finished your awesome game, but think it needs some finishing touches?

Again, no need to worry! We'll add some effects, and make your game look like New Year's Eve!


Bring your company to the future and let us build you a training simulator

Are you tired for all the boring training days for staff's induction?

We all hate those! Did you know people learn better through interactivity? We will make you a work simulator!

work simulation


Take the idea a bit further and we turn it to a playable demo

Do you want your own game concept to be turned into a demo game?

That's amazing! We will do that! We will make a demo with gameplay and small graphics.

full game

Take it to the extreme and go ALL-IN

Do you want to create a game from start to finish but don't know how?

Follow your dreams! Let us make your dream game! You will decide everything, we will do everything.


We also rent a Sauna with pool  and conference space




What's it about?
It's about is about giving that extra boost of getting closer to making games for a living. During the incubator, we will form team(s) from the applicants. They will make a game from scratch to launch. Team is a diverse group of people with different areas of expertise. It is an individual unit working under our restrictions. 
We will provide the place and the equipment. We will also be guiding through the entire process. Various group of game industry professionals will also be tutoring you along the way. 

Who is it for?
Incubator is made for future gaming superstars. So if your studying to be a programmer, artist or a designer, this is the place for you. Team also will have a team leader which can be anyone of the previous or a student of entirely different background. 

When is it again?
Incubator was first introduced in the summer of 2018. Students made a game called Secret of Smendes. They spent the summer working on the game and meeting industry professionals. You can watch videos from the first incubator from Youtube and try the game in Itch.io

When is it again?
In summer of 2019, a local university continued the project. We are willing to return to host the incubator if we get enough enthusiastic students and partners to make it even bigger than last time. Any questions about incubator? Just ask!  

Kuura incubator


Job Opportunities

Join the Kuura side

Open application

There are currently no open positions, but please leave us an open application to job(at)kuuragames.com




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